The following questions are designed to help me understand why we are creating a website. Please be as descriptive and as detailed as possible.
Contact details

Contact name *

Telephone number *

Email address *

Business name & contact addresss *

How many people work at our company? What is the basic staff structure?

Please name everyone who will be involved in the decision making process

What budget have you allocated for your website? @ *

It's important that you have some idea of what you want to invest in your project. The bigger budget, the more I can offer.

If I have spoken to you already, then you'll have some idea of the investment required.

Writing content @ *

If you intend to write the content yourself, that's fine - but please be aware unless you can provide this quickly, it may hold up the design process.

Need help? No problem. I can arrange to have some well written, marketing smart copy created for you. It will include targeted copy for page titles, page snippets and meta descriptions which ensures your site's pages are properly optimised for search results.


Keep your website up-to-date and safe with a maintenance add-on *

Unless you have some knowledge of using WordPress then I'd recommend choosing one of these options. Your site will then be updated regularly which is essential for keeping hackers locked out.

Site Engine Optimisation (SEO) add-on
(Typically a 5 page site costs £160)

It's important that your website can be found in search engines and by individuals looking for your business, so this is definitely worth considering. This will help get your site on page 1-2 of Google.

• Setup of an SEO plugin to your site
• Analyse competitor websites and gain keyword ideas
• Research the most profitable keywords (up to 50) in your industry and supply a report
• Add best keywords to content, url titles and meta information to ensure good SEO

What do you need on your site? *

Tell me what features and functionality you would like.

Your logo and branding

What is the nature of your business? What services do you offer? *

If your project is an e-commerce store, please indicate how many products you will require me to add. Also provide some idea on how many shots per product will be required (front, back, contents, colours etc) *

To keep costs down you may wish to upload them yourself. Once the sample products/images have been added, you will receive training so you can do this yourself.
Why do you need a new website?

List the top 3 reasons.
1. *

2. *

3. *

Which of your 3 reasons is the most important? Tell me why. *

What do you want people to do when they arrive on your site? (in order of importance)

1. *

2. *

3. *

How will your site structure look? *

This is called a site plan and it forms the basis for the main menu navigation usually seen at the top. Tell me what pages you think we'll need to show (Home, about, services etc.)
If you have one, what is your unique selling point? What makes you different?

Who are we talking to? What is your ideal customer? *

Please list, or describe, the type of people that need to be influenced by the website when they see it. Male/female? Age? Typical hobbies, where do they hang out, what do they like to buy etc.

This is very important, as it's all about ensuring your message is conveyed to the right audience.
Who is your direct competition? What companies do what you do? *

Please list any local, regional and/or worldwide competitors. I absolutely need to know how your competitors position themselves before we can create a design for you. If you are able to provide the logos or URL's of websites, then even better.
Do you have any ideas of your own? *

If you have any particular ideas, or thoughts about the website then please use this section to help communicate these with me. Share any websites you like, brands that inspire you, any colour palettes that might be relevant etc

You can try for inspiration
How do you want your brand to be perceived? *

(Good Value, Premium, Luxury, Friendly, Quirky etc.)? Use as many words as you can to describe it.
When do you need your website or design completed? *

Please bear in mind that a website takes a fair bit of planning, creation and testing - so you'll need to allow at least 3-4 weeks for a multi page website to be completed. And 3-5 days for design visuals.

If you need your project completed super quick - that's fine BUT the cost will be more as I will have to put other client work to one side.
What happens now?

I'll receive an email alert that your form has been completed. I'll then look over the information you provided and get back to you with any further questions. Usually within 24/48 hrs.

A proposal will be sent to you that includes the objectives, timeline, recommendations, faqs and investment costs. Once this has been approved, we can start!

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