The following questions are designed to help me understand what I am designing a logo or brand identity for. Please be as descriptive and as detailed as possible.
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Business name *

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What is the structure of your company (directors, staff etc)? *

Who will be involved in the decision process? *

What budget have you allocated for this project?

I have a budget of: *

If you require a suite of logos (eg. FedEx UK, FedEx Global, FedEx Europe etc) please indicate the names here

I'm interested in:

Please select as many as are relevant *

Do you have an existing logo? (if yes email me a copy) *

Do you require a tagline or have one? *

A tag-line can play a very important part in how your brand 'logo' is interpreted and understood.

If you have a relatively non-descriptive brand name with no tag-line, then people will likely not fully understand what you are about. It's in these cases a descriptive tag-line can make all the difference.  Also, a descriptive tag-line can form the foundations for the visual part of the logo design.

If you do have a tag-line but think it could do with being 'updated' then I'd be delighted to help you with that also.

What is the nature of your business? What services do you offer? *

Identify what is your unique selling point? What makes you different? *

Think hard about this, as this is important. Is there a family connection or some history behind your company? Do you do something that no other business does? Tell me as much as possible.
Who are we talking to? What is your ideal customer? *

Please list, or describe, the type of people that need to be influenced by the logo when they see it. What sex, age, ethnicity are they? What age? Where do they hang out? What things do they like? Essentially we're trying to paint a picture of your perfect customer.
Who do you aspire to be? Name any brands that you like (send examples if they are not well known).

They don't have to be in the same sector as yours. We are purely thinking about the style of the logo or brand.
Who is your direct competition? What companies do what you do? *

Please list any local, regional and/or worldwide competitors. I absolutely need to know how your competitors brand, and position, themselves before we can create a visual identity for you. If you are able to provide the logos or URL's of websites, then even better.
How will your logo be used? *

If you you need a logo that works for all the below, then check them all. I need to know where you plan to use the logo as this determines how flexible and adaptable the design needs to be.

Logo style *

Please be specific on what type of logo you think you'll require.

Logo colour *

You may have an idea on how you see the final design. Enter your details here:

Do you have any ideas of your own? *

If you have any particular ideas, or thoughts about the logo then please use this section to help communicate these with me. What designs/brands do you like (provide urls or email images)? Do you have any colours in mind? (www.pinterest.com is a good source)
How do you want your brand to be perceived? *

(Good Value, Premium, Luxury, Friendly, Quirky etc.)? Use as many words as you can to describe it.
When do you need the completed design?

Usually I require 2 to 4 weeks to complete a project, but I may be able to help if you need something promptly. 

If you need your project completed super quick - that's fine BUT the cost will be more as I will have to put other client work to one side.
What happens now?

I'll receive an email alert that your form has been completed. I'll then look over the information you provided and get back to you with any further questions. Usually within 24/48 hrs.

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